Sherri, 45

Patient Info Colorectal Cancer

My husband and I have been together 16 years. Dace is my rock, caregiver, best friend, and cheer leader. He gives me confidence, hope, and Bible verses to encourage me. Without him, I would be a wreck. I depend heavily on My Lord and Savior. He gave me the best husband and directed me to the best oncology team at the Seton Infusion Center. My parents live in Burnet, Tx.

Recently, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer to go with his COPD. My mother wants to be everything to everyone, but she can’t do that anymore, and I tell her to stop doing so much. My brother and his wife live in New Braunfels and they are always ready to lend an ear or do something for me. We have been ranching and baling hay for many years, but due to my illness, we’ve had to downsize our work. Next year we will probably just take care of our own animals and not do anything for the public. We’ve never had any children and won’t now. Last summer I was studying to take content tests to become a teacher. I was having difficulty concentrating, because I had fever every day. After multiple hospital and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer that spread to my liver and lungs.

The initial shock was rough, but I bought a Bible cover two weeks prior to the diagnosis that said, “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens!” Philippians 4:13. I clung to my Bible the whole 2 weeks I was in the hospital. I was 44 when diagnosed, today I’m 45 and have survived my first year. I look forward to setting records. I also like to encourage new cancer patients and share my experience with them.