Hattie, 74

Patient Info Lung & Bone

On June 25, 2021, Hattie was diagnosed with “Lung, and Bone” cancer stage IV. Hattie has heart failure issues, where her heart only working 30 to 35%. On November 15, 2021, the oncologist told us mother kidney is severe failure, stage IV. Hattie was very down when she heard this news, but I reminded her to give all your worries over to God. Mother started her first immunotherapy treatment August 29, 2021, and she is now going to her fourth round soon. Mother PET-Scan should there were spots on mother Lung 5.3cm, 2 chest, 1 rib, and 1 tailbone.

Hattie , is 74, years old. Mrs. Barron is a widow. She has been battling a lot of storms this lifetime:

  • 1996 – First open heart surgery to repair a mitral valve
  • 2005 – Brain surgery (2) aneurysm
  • 2007 – TIA right side
  • 2014 – Second open heart surgery to repair tricuspid valve
  • 2019 – Pacemaker surgery
  • 2021 – Heart Failure (Heart is only working 30 to 35%)
  • 2021 – Lung & Bone Cancer stage IV ( Tumors 1 Lung 5.3cm, 2 Chest, 1 rib, and 1 tailbone.)
  • 2021 – Kidney server failure stage IV

Hattie has stood in a storm each time and made it through. Now being diagnosed with Lung & Bone cancer with Kidney failure really brought her spirits down. I ordered mother a CAREBOX package and surprised her. When she received the CAREBOX package her eyes lit up like it was Christmas. I recall her saying is all this for me. I said yes mother, CAREBOX wanted you to know they are supporting you through your cancer walk. All these things in this box, was selected and delivered just for you. As mother started going through the box each item, she picked up she was smiling big. She said I feel so special and loved. She asked how do we thank CAREBOX, or can we do anything. I told her CAREBOX, provided these items to ensure she is comfortable. Next thing mother said was please give me the blanket now. I wanted to wrap myself in the blanket to get a big hug.