Ruby, 43

Patient Info Ovarian

“My name is Ruby and I live with my wonderful hubby, Brad, our 2 cats, Simon & Binx, and our loyal dog Sophie. This October will be three years of me battling ovarian cancer and it’s been a tough battle! Without my faith and the support of my husband, family, friends, nurses, doctors, my acupuncturist, my Facebook cancer group, and others encouragement, I don’t think I would have made it this far. With their continued support I know that someday I will be N.E.D., no evidence of disease. Right now, there are some basic item needs that would help me out & any help given is so appreciated. Thus far, I’ve had 64 chemos, 25 rounds of radiation at least 12-14 blood transfusions.  This year alone I’ve been diagnosed with lymphedema caused by the cancer, as well as blood clots on both of my lower calves. I’ve had the shingles and a bout of cellulitis on my right leg which is my stage III lymphedema leg.

Despite all this, I try to remain positive, I keep on smiling and my faith remains strong. I try to keep learning new things to keep my chemo brain somewhat active by learning calligraphy, coloring in adult coloring books and reading. Granted I have more bad days than good, but I make the most of my good days when I can. Thanks and many blessings to you all.”