Joshua, 2

Patient Info Brain

“Sometimes a moment changes everything and what you know as normal becomes history… Our normal disappeared December 28, 2015. As the words “brain tumor” echoed in the room I couldn’t believe that the doctor was talking about our beautiful, happy, typical 19 month-old child. My world turned upside down and a feeling that no parent or child should go through would be our new norm. We embarked on this journey ready to fight, ready to provide Joshua with the best care we could find. Ready to beat cancer. His official diagnosis is Desmoplastic Medulloblastoma, Grade IV and throughout 2016 he went through brain surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy. I have been by his side through each struggle and setback and our family continues to stand and fight for Joshua. Our family has been impacted in so many ways, on so many levels. The worst are the changes the surgery and chemo caused Joshua. A once happy almost two-year-old lost his ability to walk, talk, and eat. We strive every day to help him relearn those tasks he once mastered. He made so much progress and we were elated when his October MRI came back tumor free! In December our world came crashing down once again when a follow-up MRI showed 2 new tumors. His cancer is back and now more aggressive treatment is required. Joshua had a second brain surgery December 13, 2016 but the surgeon was only able to remove one of the tumors. With an amazing medical team who has formulated a new plan, we are confident this treatment will be successful. Joshua will now need to undergo more extensive treatment including more chemotherapy and radiation.”