Caidin, 8mos

Patient Info Neuroblastoma

“Caidin was diagnosed at 21 days old with Neuroblastoma with 4s and MYCN Amplification but he has proven to be such a warrior! Through all the chemo, surgery and stem cell transplant, he still manages to smile and be as happy as he can be. He has not been able to grow like a normal child – he struggles just to maintain a weight of 13 lbs. Caidin suffers from the cancer and the harsh treatment process but he has the added struggle of adrenal deficiency and has Vassoactive Intestinal Peptide(VIP). We are constantly in and out of two different hospitals in Austin and San Antonio. Caidin gets two shots a day for his VIP, a pill for his adrenal deficiency and a handful of other medications as well, daily.”

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