Alisha, 17

Patient Info Leukemia

Alisha just graduated high school in the beginning of June and about 2 weeks later, she was diagnosed with APML. She lives with her mother and 14 year old sister. She loves animals and has 2 dogs and a bunny. She was planning on going to college to do something with American Sign Language and she is already pretty fluent. She likes spending time with family and friends. She was working at McDonald’s prior to her diagnosis but will need to resign due to the intensity and frequency of her treatment. She loves her 2006 Saturn Ion and the freedom of driving herself places. She is an extremely funny person and her mother envisions her on Saturday Night Live one day. She has been handling her diagnosis and treatment extremely well; especially considering her best friend died of cancer 2 years before and had to be on the very same unit where she watched her friend take her last breath just 2 years previously.