Shout out to Oncology Social Workers and Nurses

Blog Post July 29, 2015

I want to highlight the incredible ColorCancer CareCONNECTORS. ColorCancer partners with oncology social workers and nurses at Texas Oncology, Dell Children’s Hospital, St. David’s Hospital and Austin Cancer Centers to provide critical cancer support in the Greater Austin Area through our Care Box Program. As a social worker myself, I love partnering with these CareCONNECTORS – seeing their dedication, warmth, care and commitment to the cancer patients they serve.

They help the patient understand what items they will need to improve their quality of care as they endure treatment; such as life-saving nutritional supplements, a shower chair, or even a comfort item like a neck pillow for support during hours in the treatment chair. Together with their patients, these CareCONNECTORS review a list of over 70 at-home care supply items on the ColorCancer Care Box Referral Form and invite them to select all that they need.

One CareCONNECTOR at Texas Oncology shared “I love this program because it let’s me offer tangible, practical and critical cancer support to my patients in their most vulnerable times.”
Partnering with these CareCONNECTORS also helps ColorCancer ensure donor dollars are wisely spent. Their knowledge of what is and isn’t covered by insurance for each patient or available through other programs reduces the risk of duplication of services. Still, CareCONNECTORS are thankful for a resource that is so readily available to patients impacted by all types of cancer. Another Texas Oncology CareCONNECTOR commented “The ColorCancer Care Box program stands out because so many resources we have available to patients have restrictions such as having to have a certain type of cancer, age, household income, etc. ColorCancer makes available these critical at-home care supplies to anyone with any cancer diagnosis in need in the Greater Austin Community.
As a social worker I have worked with kids in foster care, public housing, and community centers. I know the important impact we make in the lives of children in need. So I would like to say a special shout out to those social workers and nurses working with young children impacted by cancer. A CareCONNECTOR at Dell Children’s Hospital recently reached out to say “I love what your group does and I wish you guys the best with the Care Box Program. I know for the patient’s that need your services, it’s a huge blessing! You all are changing lives!”

Way to go CareCONNECTORS!

Lisa Keefauver