Reflections on 22

Blog Post July 29, 2015

Since the launch of the Care Box Program in October 2014, ColorCancer has provided 22 local cancer patients free at-home care supplies worth over $11,000 – improving their quality of care and reducing their financial burden. The number of individuals in need of supplies as they endure treatment grows every day.

We have learned so much since the launch of the Care Box program:

Our CaredFOR (cancer patients receiving the Care Boxes): Taught us that cancer doesn’t discriminate by age, race or gender and that we all need caring for sometimes.

Our CareSHOPPERS (donors who donate the needed wishlist items): Reminded us that people are generous by nature, and if you give someone the opportunity to help another person, they will step up. Oscar, our first Care Box Recipient, had his wishlist granted by donors in less than 24 hours!

Our CareCONNECTORS (health care referral partners): Helped us better understand the day-to-day challenges cancer patients face and how the more than 74 items available on the Care Box Wishlist make a real impact on their quality of care.

Our CarePACKERS (volunteer care box packers): Showed us that taking an hour out of your day to join with other volunteers to assemble Care Boxes is rewarding and can even be fun!

Our CareDRIVERS (volunteer delivery drivers): Shared with us the overwhelming emotional reaction of the cancer patients and their families when they receive their Care Boxes (sometimes a car full of supplies) that will improve their quality of care.

We are excited to continue learning and growing. In fact, that growth is coming soon with the launch of a brand new website in July 2015 that will allow us to be more efficient and effective. Our goal being to meet the needs of at least 20 patients monthly.

We invite you to be a part of this important community making a real and direct impact in the lives of cancer patients in the Greater Austin Area. Help us meet the needs of the increasing number of patients served by visiting our CaredFor campaign and making a donation today!

Jillian Domingue and Lisa Keefauver