My “Now What?” Moment

Blog Post July 29, 2015

We all have those pivotal moments in our lives that change the way we see the world. We remember the date, where we were, who we were with and maybe even what we were wearing. For me, it was July 29, 2011 and I was sitting by myself in my car in sweaty workout clothes when my phone rang and Eric, my then 43 year old husband, said, “meet me at the hospital, they found something on the MRI…”. It turned out that he had Brain Cancer.

Unfortunately, all too many of us have a similar story. That moment when we learned either we or someone we loved was diagnosed with some form of cancer. When the shock wears off, we look around and ask “now what?” We have the doctor(s) to tell us the treatment plan, the nurses to help us with the medication, but who helps the patient and their family figure out how to make the journey more comfortable? Many endure treatment for weeks, months and even years. Patients and their families often don’t even know what questions to ask.

The Care Box Program was designed to help the patient and their families figure out what at-home care items the patient will need to help them feel better and stay as strong as possible throughout their treatment. Patients are invited to choose from a list of over 70 at-home care supply items that will help improve their quality of care and reduce the financial burden that a cancer diagnosis has on everyone. Donors are invited to make a real and direct impact on the life of a cancer patient by donating one or more of the items selected by the patient. It is just that simple!

Unfortunately for me, Eric passed away within 2 weeks of his diagnosis so I had no time to figure out the answer to the question “now what”? What I do know is that he would be so happy and proud of me for helping make a real and direct impact in the lives of cancer patients and their families by helping them begin to answer the question “now what”?

I invite you to share your “now what” moment with me!

Lisa Keefauver