Improving Cancer Care: One Box At a Time

Blog Post February 19, 2016

There are many things that inspired my decision to intern with CareBOX Program. My biggest inspiration began on February 7, 2015. I remember receiving a phone call that shook the very core of my being. I sat in silence trying to process the words of my boyfriend’s step-brother saying, “I went to the doctor, and found out that I have Stage IV Colon Cancer.” I was speechless. It was the underlying Big C, the very word that has the ability to change lives in an instantaneous moment leaving a person searching for a meaning. The same word that makes you question your faith, lifestyle, future, past, and everything in-between. His diagnosis taught me that we are capable of displaying strength, growth, lessons learned, and so much more by simply allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with others.

As I fast-forward a few months, I stumbled across CareBOX Program while searching for internships and instantly fell in love with everything they stood for. My heart jumped for joy when Diana called me for an interview: I knew this is the kind of impact that I longed for. The CareBOX Program allows me to live out of a life mission of being a positive light, encouraging the faint-hearted, loving the rejected, and being passionately driven by being a change in this world. CareBOX Program encompasses every aspect by serving individuals across all demographics, genders, ages, etc.

In the past month of interning, I have realized that life can be fragile and completely unexpected. However, there are still beautiful people in the world that are willing to help in these situations. In the midst of the chaos and confusion there are people, like those involved with the CareBOX Program, that strive to meet the needs of vulnerable people one box at a time. As we continue to grow on a daily basis, the CareBOX Program displays how the idea of a college student has the ability to impact an entire city. Interning with CareBOX Program means more than simply checking off requirements for college completion, instead it gives one the ability to look outside themselves. The power to positively impact lives starts with you, so how will you make a difference in somebody’s life today?

Dana, CareBOX Program Intern