What is YOUR color story?

Blog Post June 9, 2015

Every Cancer Has a Color. Every Color Has a Story.

Did you know every cancer is represented by a color? This weekend, there was an explosion of color at The Color Run Austin! ColorCancer invited runners and volunteers to add their handprints to our letters of HOPE and STRENGTH in the colors of cancer that has impacted them.

What is YOUR color story? Saturday, we heard mothers explaining to their daughters they were painting their hands PINK in honor of grandma who had Breast Cancer. Husbands and wives painted their hands multiple colors including DARK BLUE for Colon Cancer and ORANGE for Skin Cancer, both of which impacted their family. A three-time survivor of Ovarian Cancer painted her hands TEAL. On a personal note, my daughter Lily and I painted our hands GRAY for Brain Cancer to honor my late husband Eric.
As you go through this day, remember that everyone you meet likely has a color story. You might have more in common than you think. Share your story!