From Work-a-holic to Working for a Cause

Blog Post March 23, 2016

I came from the world of retail. Of pushing the sale of more widgets, surrounded everyday by techy work-a-holics who, like me, spent 70 hours of their life every week fighting fires. At first it was thrilling managing a global supply chain for a multi-billion-dollar organization. There was a time where I really thought I had it made, like I had finally arrived in my career. I had a flexible office schedule and was making a six figure salary and it was everything I thought I had ever wanted and…I never felt so burned out and unfulfilled in my entire life.

I ached to be making a difference, to be doing something that left the world better than I found it. I quit my job (YOLO!) and after a short while, the CareBOX Program in Austin, TX found me.

The first time I met with Jillian Domingue (Founder and Executive Director) and Lisa Keefauver (Communications and Program Director) it felt like I was talking with friends I had always known. Cancer is a disease that has touched everyone’s lives in some way and it is the knowledge of this that forms an instant bond between strangers. Their passion for improving cancer care was awe inspiring and I knew instantly that I was exactly where I was meant to be. Diana Dobson (Event and Fundraising Director) is an awe inspiring, networking dynamo and Melissa Wilson (Volunteer Coordinator) is the amazing, calming presence that holds us all together. Now, as a part of this team, every day I have a new opportunity in Central Texas to help someone who is overwhelmed and ill-prepared to care for themselves or a family member after a diagnosis of cancer by making sure we have the supplies they need on hand, and ready to deliver to their home. In my life, I have watched loved ones’ battle cancer (and succeed!) and I have lost loved ones to cancer as well. Being younger at the time I didn’t have the capacity or knowledge to help in the way I wanted to but…now I have finally arrived.

The CareBOX Program needed my help to manage their inventory & logistics but they’re allowing me to be a part of this organization and help further the mission and have a positive impact in the cancer community; that is the greater gift.

Rhiannon Nunziato, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager