About CareBOX Program

Improving cancer care, one patient at a time.

How We Started

The story behind the CareBOX Program is a personal one. First, we saw through the experiences of our friends and loved ones that there was a dire need for patients in recovery to have access to essential supplies at home. Because these supplies are typically not covered by insurance, we realized that many people were simply going without them, and their health was suffering.

Our personal observations were supported by devastating research. Once we became aware of the fact that 1 in 5 cancer related deaths are actually from preventable complications related to malnutrition, infection, and injuries, we knew what our mission would be: deliver free care supplies to cancer patients at home.

A Dedicated Team

Jillian Domingue
Executive Director
Diane Morgan
Development Director
Rhiannon Nunziato
Operations Director
Heather Lewis
Program Coordinator
Chandler Stancliff
Program Assistant
Donna Di Carlo
Jamie Whelan
Jacqueline Ma
Ojasvie Agnihotri
Lilly Timon
Eric Weaver
Vice Chairman
Aaron Snyder
Pam Domingue
Ed Melendez
John Roescher
Don Martin
Sarah Thompson Schick
Tammy Sullivan
Hank Feir
Hank Feir
Jeff Gerold
Charley Scarborough
Harold Ingersoll
Sarah Finley
Isha Dhar
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Strong Core Values

  • P Patient-Centered:

    Maintain a personal touch. After all, we are just people helping other people.

  • A Accessible:

    Ensure ease of access to CareBOX Program for all cancer patients within service area.

  • R Responsible:

    Be efficient and effective with CareBOX Program resources to meet patient needs.

  • I Innovative:

    Constantly striving to find new ways to fill the gaps in cancer care.

  • T Transparent:

    Stay mission-focused in all endeavors.